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Become a Tester

Would you like to contribute to our work and become a tester at On this page you will find all the details about this job.

Tasks and duties

As an email tester at, you can work comfortably from home and, among other things, you must be able to create and use email accounts with all leading email service providers.

As a tester, you have to be able to work in a team and follow the instructions of a coordinator. An assigned task must be completed promptly and without delay.

Among other things, you have to receive test emails, analyze them and record the results in an Excel or LibreOffice Calc table. If necessary, you must create new email accounts and may only use them for test purposes.

(After an accepted application, you will receive more details about your tasks by email as a PDF.)


The tester must meet the following requirements:

  • 100% reliability and teamwork.
  • Basics in mathematics.
  • Basics in Excel or LibreOffice Calc.
  • Experience with diagrams, protocols and statistics.
  • At least 50 hours a month for tasks.
  • A PayPal or bank account for withdrawals.


By default, we pay 0.025 cents as standard for every evaluated and statistically recorded email. This corresponds to earnings of $250 for 10.000 emails. There is no minimum or limit on the number of emails.

The payment is made via PayPal or bank transfer. You must also have a work permit in your country. All income must also be reported to the responsible tax office.

Apply as a tester at

Would you like to be our tester? Great!

Write an email to the support with the subject: "Application as a tester" and let us know how experienced you are with emails in general and what experience you have in creating protocols and statistics.

To a good cooperation.