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Latest News

Latest news about EmailDeliverabilityReport and events, which directly affect the operation of our services. All news articles on this page can be freely used for press work.

New website design and functions


One year after we officially launched EmailDeliverabilityReport, we would like to introduce the new website design with more dark colors and an improved user experience. The pages look cleaner now, and the layout is more responsive.

Also, we have added some new exciting features, like the provider ranking page, where we list all providers sorted by their overall score. Also, the badges have received a new color theme, which now better represents the overall score.

Any suggestions or issue reports are always welcome!

Total score in rankings and badges


Unless otherwise stated, the website displays the total provider score in all rankings and also on badges. Internally, this number is called „Provider Score“ and is calculated from the „Reputation Score“, the „Deliverability Score“ and some other, rather smaller factors. The total score is updated monthly for each provider.

The email testing method has been changed


Prior to 2021, we have used a more aggressive method while creating the contents for the test emails. The emails intentionally contained multiple links with action prompt and some words known to trigger spam filters placed in the content, this resulted in a pretty high junk mail assortment.

Now, we will make the testing procedure more natural by mixing three types of email in each testing campaign: advertisement with action link, information only content, and a mix of both. By changing our testing method, we hope to better compare the deliverability performance of all providers when it comes to sorting an email to the destination folder.

The Email Testing Interface (ETI) is available


We have worked the past few months on a tool we call the „Email Testing Interface“ or in short ETI. This innovative piece of web software enables us to dramatically increase the efficiency of the whole process of planning, managing, and completing email test campaigns. Starting the next testing period, our coordinators and testers can log in to their ETI account and do the assignment, data exchange, communication, and more from there.

Introducing the page caching


In order to reduce the server load, we have implemented a complete caching of all pages available on our website. This change allowed us to significantly improve the loading time of each page and also drastically reduced the server load, which is also good for the environment.

The API is more robust now


The API has seen some performance improvements, especially on concurrent connections. Now, the API can handle more concurrent requests and deliver faster the requested data.

Bug fixes, improvements, and future plans


Since the start of EmailDeliverabilityReport, we have fixed some bugs and made some improvements to the platform. Now, we will search for ways to improve the whole testing process and the methods involved in it which is now a very hard task to do for both, the testes and the coordinators. The basic idea is to enable the coordinators and testers to communicate and share data effectively.

New API management interface


In order to let API users better and more comfortable manage their API access and all its included functions, we have redesigned the API online interface. The new interface was designed on the principle of being fast and easy to use.

EmailDeliverabilityReport is launched


After several months of work, many important decisions, and multiple reinventions of our ideals on how our frontend should perfectly connect with the backend, we have finally finished the work on EmailDeliverabilityReport and are now busy adding the first data to the database that we have already been collecting for months.