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Questions and Answers (FAQ)

On this page you can find frequently asked questions about our service. The FAQ section is updated regularly, we include all questions whose answers are interesting or useful for visitors.

We are an email marketing provider, can you add us?

As our resources are limited to do extensive testing, we need to check if necessary testing capacity is available for a new provider before accepting them, just send us an email.

Do I have to pay to be accepted as an email marketing provider?

No, we accept every provider if we have the necessary test capacities.

Do you use official test accounts with the providers?

No, unfortunately, this is not possible and contradicts our test principles. Providers who would provide us with accounts for testing purposes could change their software to their own advantage when sending corresponding test emails and use the best and fastest mail servers with the highest reputation for delivery, thus directly influencing the test result.

Can providers detect the tests and influence the result?

Neither our testers nor the coordinators, who actually send the emails with the providers, identify themselves as testers. The coordinators have normal user accounts with the providers with valid lists of test recipients. The emails also look quite normal – we perform our tests without attracting attention.

How up-to-date is the deliverability data?

The deliverability data is updated and expanded on a monthly basis. The „Provider Score“ always corresponds to the data from the previous month. All other data is archived and used to generate statistics. In addition, our individual pages are cached to minimize server load.

What is the Provider Score?

The Provider Score is an overall rating of an email marketing provider, and many factors go into its calculation. The higher the score, the more reliable the provider is at sending marketing emails and the more effective the email marketing is for the provider's customers because more emails arrive in the recipients' main inbox.

How is the Provider Score calculated?

The Provider Score is created firstly from the current deliverability score, which is calculated 100 % from our own data, and from the reputation score. In addition, some other rather small factors are included in the rating, for example, the performance of the mail servers during delivery and their technical condition.

What is the Email Testing Interface (ETI)?

The ETI is an internal system developed to our requirements for testers and coordinators who participate in the testing program and collect deliverability data. Participants can log into their online account and do a lot of work there. Coordinators in particular benefit from high levels of automation and can plan and complete test campaigns dramatically faster.

What is a coordinator?

The coordinator is the manager of email tests. This person logs into ETI, assigns emails to testers, and then sets up emails with the providers to automatically send the emails to testers. Once a tester adds new records in the ETI, the coordinator can release that data after validation, for statistical purposes.

What is an email tester?

Email testers, also simply called testers, are regular email users who have numerous accounts with major email service providers such as Gmail, GMX,, etc. and receive test emails with them that they can evaluate and submit the result in the ETI for validation and approval. We have both volunteer testers and those who receive compensation for the work.

How do I manage my API access?

You will get online access to your API account once we have accepted your application for the API and created a developer account for you. In the account, you can find your API key and view your monthly limit for API requests, among other things.

How is EmailDeliverabilityReport financed?

We are funded by advertising revenue, sponsors and customers who use our services. You can find more details on the sponsors page.

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