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About EmailDeliverabilityReport

EmailDeliverabilityReport has set itself the goal of testing as many providers as possible for the professional and voluminous sending of marketing emails with regard to deliverability and technology under as identical conditions as possible.

EmailDeliverabilityReport employs both volunteers and those who are paid for their time. Together we test and analyze thousands of emails sent with email marketing providers every month.

Whether you have an online store, have established a blog with thousands of readers, or are doing affiliate marketing, email as a communication tool is unbeatable and gets results and more sales.

Of particular interest to us is the deliverability and reliability of the providers. All providers can send an e-mail, but how many of them manage to get the e-mail into the recipient's main mailbox, where it is read?

We answer this question and more.

Once a month new reports are published on EmailDeliverabilityReport, which, among other things, present all collected data from the previous month on the email deliverability of tested providers in tabular and graphical form.

Why EmailDeliverabilityReport is needed

Although there are a lot of tests about email marketing providers and tools on the Internet, they usually only deal with the evaluation of usability and features and only scratch the surface of the technical characteristics of the providers.

And there is a good reason for this, of course:

Hardly anyone is interested in HOW something works, everyone just wants THAT it works – it's no different for users of email marketing tools.

However ...

What good are nice buttons to click and email design builders to create beautiful emails with a click of the mouse, if a large part of the emails end up in the junk folder and some of them even get lost on the way?

And this is where EmailDeliverabilityReport comes in: we are interested in the technology – we are interested in the facts and numbers!

We want to know:

  • How reputable are the mail servers that deliver our emails?
  • How well configured and how secure are the mail servers?
  • How are the emails handled by the email service providers after they are received – where do they end up?
  • How quickly do the emails arrive at their destination?

Testing like we do is very time-consuming, so we are continuously working on improving and optimizing our testing processes, even developing our own tools and methods for this purpose.

For example, in order to be able to test and evaluate a large volume of emails, we have developed the innovative „Email Testing Interface“, where we can now plan each test campaign and see all the numbers down to each individual email.

In the tests and comparisons, we place a great deal of emphasis on transparency and fair testing conditions. All providers should have the same chances of achieving accurate test results through their performance, especially in terms of email deliverability.

We work similarly to the test reports of, the email marketing blog of the founder of EmailDeliverabilityReport, but put less focus on the superficial part of the providers and concentrate instead on the technology and especially on a detailed evaluation of the deliverability of sent emails.