How we test

At we test the email deliverability professionally and transparently. Coordinators and testers are used to collect the deliverability data and to carry out further tests.

Our test system looks like this:

How we test
How we test
  1. Coordinators – the coordinators regulate which tests have to be taken and assign the tasks to the corresponding testers. The coordinators are also responsible for ensuring that the test results find their way into the central database.
  2. Testers – the testers are required in order to be able to carry out email analyzes and, among other things, have numerous email accounts with the large email service providers in order to be able to receive test emails and to subsequently analyze them.
  3. Central database – after the testers have given the results to the coordinators, the data is carefully entered into the central database so that it can be used in the reports on the website, among other things.

We currently have 3 coordinators, more than 25 testers and access to several thousand email accounts, which are used exclusively to receive emails from email marketing providers and to evaluate them later.

With our test system, more than 150,000 emails can currently be analyzed in detail every month. The email deliverability is examined in particular, but other tests are also carried out, for example checking the email dispatch server.

If serious technical defects or security gaps are found during the tests, we will contact the relevant provider directly via email or social media and inform them of the problem.

All tests must be completed by the 20th of each month and the results must be available to the coordinators so that they can enter the new data into the central database in time.

At the beginning of each month, the new data can already be viewed on the website and existing reports, graphics and diagrams are also updated, which have to be updated due to new datasets.